UFC 228 Results: Aljamain Sterling Forces Tap From Cody Stamann With Insane Knee Bar

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Credit: Jay Anderson/Cageside Press

Aljamain Sterling picked up a big win at UFC 228 in Dallas on Saturday night, forcing Cody Stamann to tap to a painful looking knee bar.

In a key bantamweight bout at UFC 228 in Dallas, TX on Saturday, Aljamain Sterling met Cody Stamann in a fight that could potentially push either man closer to a title shot. For Stamann, it was a chance to build on his ten-fight win streak, and claim another top name after a win over Bryan Caraway at UFC 222 earlier in the year. Sterling, meanwhile, had a chance to score his second win in a row after picking up a victory over Brett Johns at UFC Atlantic City.

Cody Stamann came out with a fire under him and immediately fired off a head kick that was at least partially blocked. Sterling, meanwhile, answered back with a right hand. Stamann also connected with a right to the body. He was able to back Sterling up, eventually forcing Sterling to try for a takedown attempt. That takedown was nowhere to be found, however. Shortly after it was Sterling firing off a front kick to the body, with Stamann answering back and the pair getting a bit creative in the striking department. That was short lived, however, as they tied up against the cage, Stamann driving his foe into the fence, adding knees to the body. Stamann then dropped down looking for a takedown, but Sterling was able to fend him off. With both men being high level wrestlers, the standup game would be crucial. Case in point, Sterling connecting with a big spinning back fist.

Stamann, however, responded to that attack by getting Sterling to the mat. Sterling threw up a triangle, with nearly a minute remaining, but Stamann was able to escape. That allowed Aljamain Sterling to make it back to his feet however. Yet when he went for a takedown of his own, he slid off and was instead slammed down by Stamann.

In round two, it was Sterling who found success with the takedown. But he couldn’t keep the fight there. That said, in a bit of a scramble at the midway point, Sterling managed to obtain mount. Stamann had to decide whether to ride it out or give up the back. He wound up giving up the back, only to eat some strikes and be flattened out. Sterling was landing some hard measured shots while Stamann tried to shake him off. Sterling then caught him in a leg lock from the back, forcing Stamann, clearly in pain, to tap! That, after an attempt at a full nelson as well. Stamann took his time getting back to his feet, and UFC color commentator Joe Rogan later revealed that the submission was only the second knee bar from back mount completed in the UFC.

Pointing out post-fight that he had not had a finish since 2015, Sterling was animated on the mic. “I want the winner of Rivera against Dodson,” Sterling called out after the fight, adding that he’d take Dominick Cruz if they didn’t want to fight.

“I’m the human backpack, I’m the human chess board, I will snatch the neck up in a heartbeat,” he added later.

Aljamain Sterling def. Cody Stamann by submission (knee bar), Round 2, 3:42