UFC Lincoln Results: Cortney Casey Finally on the Right Side of a Decision

Cortney Casey (left) and Angela Hill, UFC Lincoln
Cortney Casey (left) and Angela Hill, UFC Lincoln Credit: Mike Straus/Cageside Press

Cortney Casey and Angela Hill duked it out in a close back-and-forth battle at UFC Lincoln, with Casey earning a much needed win in the end.

While Cortney Casey was quickly becoming the UFC’s short-notice queen, she had her back against the wall heading into UFC Lincoln, and a tough test ahead of her in Angela Hill. Hill entered the fight the favorite, and had come a long way since appearing on The Ultimate Fighter 20 as a very green fighter.

Still, Casey was ranked 11th heading into the night, and was more than happy to stand and trade with Hill. Hill moved in and out, and was able to catch a kick and dump Casey on her back early in the first round. She did not, however, choose to follow ‘Cast Iron’ down. Instead she allowed Casey to get back to her feet, and continued attacking with combinations and leg kicks. Casey would land a crisper leg kick of her own, which Hill answered. Casey and Hill both fired off knees in close. Casey then landed a left hook, and an uppercut, as both women stayed active. Hill connected with a right, but Casey continued to hold her own. She then ducked under and initiated a clinch, dragging Hill down and working in some ground and pound. Hill rolled for an arm-bar, but Casey stacked her up on the canvas, then hoisted Hill up and dropped her down to break free. Hill, however, used the exchange to take control of the action, and landed a knee as Casey stood back up. Hill would blocked a head kick by Casey in the dying seconds, then come in to land a heavy punch of her own just before the bell.

Casey used a straight right to set up a takedown attempt in round two only for Hill to reverse. The pair then traded fire, and Casey followed up the exchange by going to the body and head with a combination. Hill fired back, pressing forward. Casey was really putting together her strikes, but opted to change levels and work for a takedown, which Hill fought off. Casey kept the pressure on, however. Then it was Angela Hill battling back, going to the body as Casey had earlier in the round. In the final seconds of the round, Hill would attack with an elbow over the top, but they’d head to round three.

Cortney Casey may have slowed a step in the third, with Hill connected a couple of times early on. Casey fought through it, but Hill seemed the fresher fighter through the first half of the final frame. Casey opted to check levels for a takedown off a combination near the mid-way point of the round, only to find herself stuffed. The rest of the frame would play out in the feet, with more back-and-forth action, leading, once again (for Casey) to the judge’s scorecards and a split decision. Only this time, it was in her favor.

Cortney Casey def. Angela Hill by split decision (30-27, 28-29, 29-28)