Bellator 204: Tywan Claxton Explains His Fortnite Dance

With a little bit of showboating, and maximum effort, Tywan Claxton picked up his third pro win at Bellator 204. Post-fight, he spoke of his progress as a martial artist, and his Fortnite dance.

Sioux Falls, SD — Whether it’s ‘Speedy’ or ‘Air’ Claxton, one thing is certain, Tywan Claxton is putting in the effort in the cage. Maximum effort, let’s say. At Bellator 204 on Friday night in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Claxton improved to 3-0 as a professional, with all three wins coming under the Bellator MMA banner. While it didn’t have the same flash as his debut flying knee win, Claxton showed off versatility in his game, and went the distance for the first time against Cris Lencioni (formerly Cris Williams), who had missed weight for the fight.

Notoriously, Claxton also did a little showboating during the fight. He tackled that, and his progress as a martial artist, back stage following the bout.

“I’m happy for that win. I’m happy [with] the way that I won,” Claxton said of his third pro outing. “My last fight, I was really disappointed in myself.” This time out, however, “I felt more comfortable on my feet and I gave myself time. I had thought about doing a lot more that I didn’t do, but what I did do tonight, I was happy with because I threw things that I throw in practice all the time, but I wouldn’t throw in a fight. It just kind of is how it is. I have three pro fights, you know what I mean. So the more fights I get, the more comfortable I get.”

His overall assessment: “I’m really happy with the jump that I made from my last fight to this one.”

As for his little dance at the end of the first round, Claxton explained that “I don’t know if a lot of you play Fortnite, but if you play Fortnite, that’s the dance you do after you kill somebody.” Well aware that Lencioni “wanted to play on his back,” Claxton was hoping the move might light a fire under his opponent.

“I wanted him to stand up and trade,” Claxton said. “You missed weight, you talked trash, stand up and trade punches, let’s give the fans a show. The Fortenight dance was a little bit of a motivator to stand up, and let’s have a little fun.”

Though he’d planned to fight a bit more often this year, there’s a good chance Tywan Claxton will fight a third time in 2018. For now, however, he has a little celebration planned.

“I’m going to Chipotle to get a bowl, that’s the first thing I’m going to do!”

Watch the full Bellator 204 post-fight press scrum with Tywan Claxton above!