UFC Hamburg Results: Aleksander Rakic Dominates Justin Ledet

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UFC octagon girl A.RICARDO/Shutterstock.com

Opening the FS1 prelims at UFC Hamburg was a battle of rising light-heavyweights, with Aleksander Rakic dominating Justin Ledet.

In a division like light-heavyweight, a couple of wins is enough to get you on the map. For fighters like Justin Ledet and Aleksander Rakic, both on solid win steaks, one more victory could easily catapult them up into the rankings. Rakic had won his UFC debut in September, while Ledet was on a three fight win streak in the UFC — interestingly enough, all those wins had come at heavyweight. UFC Hamburg would mark Ledet’s debut at 205lbs in the UFC.

The fight started with Rakic landing some thunderous leg kicks on the former boxer Ledet. Halfway through the first round Rakic scored a takedown and wasn’t letting Ledet have an inch to get up. Near the end of the first he was pouring on the pressure with elbows and punches as he looked to try and end the fight, but we saw a second round.

Round two wouldn’t go much better for Ledet, as the pair ended up on the canvas again. In short, Ledet was pounded on for the entirety of the round. Taking elbows and big punches from above, he was warned many times to move/defend, and it seemed like the bout was in jeopardy of ending. However again, somehow Justin Ledet made it to the end of the round.

The third round followed the same pattern as the first two rounds. Rakic knocked Ledet down and then remained on top for the rest of the frame. He frankly battered Ledet, who was taking more and more punishment, but survived to the end. The scorecards, however, were not pretty for Ledet.

What a performance by Rakic, dominating Ledet from pillar to post. Calling for a top fifteen fighter post-fight, it looks like the UFC might’ve found a new prospect at 205 pounds.

Aleksander Rakic def. Justin Ledet by unanimous decision (30-25, 30-24, 30-24) 


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