The Ultimate Fighter 27 Finale UFC Fight Pass Preliminary Results

Gerald Meerschaert UFC
Gerald Meerschaert Credit: Mike Sloan/

The Ultimate Fighter 27 Finale kicked off a big weekend in Las Vegas for the UFC, starting with a pair of bouts on UFC Fight Pass.

It’s a big weekend in Las Vegas for the UFC. International Fight Week. The Hall of Fame inductions. UFC 226. And on Friday, what could be one of the last Ultimate Fighter finales ever. Thought TUF 28 has been announced, there’s no certainty that the show will last beyond the next season. Which makes The Ultimate Fighter 27 Finale one of the last times to see the tournament play out in the UFC.

Yes, tournament. That’s what The Ultimate Fighter is. And while the reality TV format has grown stale (not just in the UFC but everywhere), don’t we always complain about the lack of tournaments in MMA these days? Isn’t that why we loved Bellator Dyanamite, the heavyweight World Grand Prix, RIZIN FF, and the PFL?

So here we have it: two more TUF champions will be crowned. But first, that Las Vegas card will open up with a pair of bouts on UFC Fight Pass. At middleweight, Gerald Meerschaert will open the card against Oskar Piechota. And at featherweight, well, the UFC must enjoy burying exciting TV. Matt Bessette vs. Steven Peterson has Fight of the Night potential written all over it. Neither man is likely to back down or break. They’ll cap off the Fight Pass prelims, in a fight that easily could be on Fox Sports 1.

Check back come fight time for a full recap and results from the night’s action!

Gerald Meerschaert vs. Oskar Piechota

Oskar Piechota was working a leg kick and pressing the action early to open the TUF 27 Finale card, and planted Meerchaert with an early takedown. Piechota displayed some solid ground skills, working towards a D’arce choke, transitioning to mount, and generally controlling Gerald Meerchaert. However, a referee standup with ninety seconds to go got Meerchaert back in the game — only to be tagged by Piechota. A knockdown followed seconds later; Piechota moved to mount, took the back, and wrapped up a rear-naked choke. Meerchaert survived, breaking free, and even finishing the round in control, but he needed a fresh game plan heading into the second.

The second round opened up with Gerald Meerschaert pushing the action, but Piechota remained a threat on the feet with counters. A leg kick by Piechota tripped his opponent up. Meerschaert continued to move forward, but Piechota was far more effective in the first two minutes of the round. Meerchaert finally shot for a takedown, but after a scramble, found himself in a guillotine attempt. Meerschaert then pulled free and worked for a guillotine of his own, then an anaconda attempt. Ground and pound followed, and the second was looking like a very different round than the first. Piechota escaped to his feet, where Meerschaert drew him into a firefight. A number of elbows connected for Meerschaert, and the ref was taking a good look. Knees followed, a couple to the head, but Piechota would not go down. Finally, Meerschaert got his foe to the ground again, and after ground n’ pound still couldn’t put him away, he transitioned to the back, and choked him out, with Piechota refusing to tap!

Gerald Meerschaert def. Oskar Piechota by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 2, 4:55

Matt Bessette vs. Steven Peterson

Steven Peterson rushed right out in jumping attack mode, then switched to a defensive guillotine when Bessette drove him back into the cage. ‘Ocho’ committed to the choke, jumping guard, and squeezing for the choke for roughly a minute before Bessette broke free. Back on the feet, the pair entered a grappling exchange by the fence with Peterson applying some serious pressure. Moving out into the center Bessette would get his hands going, landing a combo, then later going high with a kick that was only partially blocked. In the final minute ‘The Manger’ connected with an uppercut, and went upstairs with another kick; Peterson answered with kicks to the body and leg before eating yet another kick to the side of the head, and an uppercut.

Round two saw them firing immediately. Peterson then worked for a takedown by the cage. With no luck, they broke and re-engaged in the middle of the cage. Peteson scored with a leg kick, but ate an uppercut down the middle. Another head kick by Bessette followed. A harder head kick connected on Peterson with a crack. Peterson grabbed for a thai clinch and continued to march forward. He’d connect with a right, but Bessette was landing more. ‘Ocho’ opted to switch to takedown mode, finally dragging Bessette down and taking his back by the fence with a minute to go. Bessette worked to shake him off but Peterson rolled, keeping his hooks in, and ended the round on top.

Round three saw Peterson looking to set up a takedown. He controled the opening ninety seconds and finally landed a trip, only to be shaken off and wind up on bottom. However, a scramble saw him take control back. He locked in a body triangle and flattened out Bessette. Bessette would work valiantly to escape, but Peterson was able to pull him onto his back and work towards a rear-naked choke.

Steven Peterson def. Matt Bessette by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

The Ultimate Fighter 27 Finale UFC Fight Pass Preliminary Results:

Steven Peterson def. Matt Bessette by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
Gerald Meerschaert def. Oskar Piechota by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 2, 4:55