UFC Singapore Results: Jessica Eye Wins Close Fight Against Jessica-Rose Clark

UFC: Jessica Eye targeted to face Jessica-Rose Clark at UFC Singapore
Jessica Eye Credit: Mike Sloan/Sherdog.com

UFC Singapore saw Jessica-Rose Clark and Jessica Eye go to battle in the UFC’s newest division, with Eye coming back on top.

In a new division lacking contenders, Jessica-Rose Clark and Jessica Eye featured in an important fight at UFC Singapore. With both sitting in the top ten of women’s flyweight, Jessica-Rose Clark was coming off of two wins in the UFC over Bec Rawlings and Paige Vanzant. Jessica Eye, meanwhile, was coming off a win over Kalindra Faria in January that finally got her back on the right track after losing four fights in a row. In a division as thin as flyweight, one or two wins could put a fighter right into title contention.

The fight started as the two looked to feel each other out on the feet. Eye started by using a her jab to get in on Clark as she looked to land kicks to hinder the movement of Eye. Eye’s boxing was a big component to start the fight; the former amateur boxer looked to land hands frequently on Clark. The end of the round came to a close as Eye was moving in and landed some crisp punches, while looking for high kicks in an attempt to steal the round.

Clark was landing some solid strikes to start the second round, including a nice right hand while moving in. She moved forward and attempted to land a kick but was caught and put on her back by Jessica Eye. Eye looked to keep her down but couldn’t, as she got up she looked for a front headlock position but couldn’t get it. Eye landed a dangerous headkick as Clark was moving backwards, though she ate it. Clark moved in and landed a pointed right hand again. Both women landed some good shots in another close round. Much like how Eye pushed forward and tried to steal round one at the end, Clark moved forward and tried to steal round two at the end.

Clark moved forward and pushed Eye into the cage, landing punches, only for Eye to push off and land a clean right hand that backed her up to start the third round. Eye was looking for the straight right hand, as Clark’s corner kept calling for her to land an elbow as she moved in. That was something she would eventually end up doing, hitting Eye clean. Clark appeared to have more urgency than Eye in the third as she tried to move forward, but as she did Eye landed a key takedown, and kept Clark there until the end of the round. That likely secured her the round — and the fight.

Jessica Eye def. Jessica-Rose Clark by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)