UFC 225 Results: Mirsad Bektić Picks Up Key Win Over Ricardo Lamas

UFC Charlotte Mirsad Bektic
Mirsad Bektić Credit: Mike Sloan/Sherdog.com

Mirsad Bektić has put himself in a great spot in the UFC’s 145lb division following a key win at UFC 225.

The second fight that shown on the UFC 225 FS1 preliminary card saw a meeting of featherweights, with Ricardo Lamas vs. Mirsad Bektić. A key fight in the 145lb division, the bout from Chicago, Illinois’ United Center, saw the two men go head-to-head for the full three rounds.

With the fighters touching gloves, we were off. Lama just missed a high kick early but landed a front kick to the body. Bektic circled and fired off his own high kick; the two tied up and made it against the cage. Lamas tried for a take down there but did not succeed. Bektic worked knees in the clinch against the cage. Lamas broke free and moved back to the center, and the two were quick to engage again. Bektic landed a solid overhead shot. The two worked back to fence and Bektic went for a trip, getting Lamas to the mat. Lamas worked to get to his feet but Bektic was there to drag him back to the ground. Lamas worked his way back up, and broke away from the cage. Lama stalked Bektic and fired of a high spinning heal kick that missed the mark as the round came to an end.

In the second, Ricardo Lamas looked to go for the takedown while Mirsad Bektic launched a series of blows that forced his opponent to retreat. They circled with Bektic looking for the overhead right that missed, and the two clinched against the cage. Bektic pressed Lamas into the fence and they engaged in some dirty boxing until Lamas broke away and circled into center. Bektic fired a left and right that were blocked. Lamas then shot for the take down and was stuffed by Bektic. Lamas worked to his feet and threw a spinning elbow on his way out. They clinched up, and Bektic pressed him into the cage again. Lamas again quickly broke free and the pair exchanged briefly, only to clinch back up into the fence. Herb Dean broke them up, and they returned to center. A quick engagement with Lamas looking for a spinning kick closed the round.

The third round saw both fight fighters come out fast and again Lama found himself with his back to the fence, with Bektic looking to use his dirty boxing. Lamas spun free and looked to land a spinning kick. Bektic caught a second spinning kick attempt from Lamas and took him to the ground; Lamas swept and ended up on top for a moment only for Bektic to spin it around again. They scrambled, and Lamas got his arms around Bektic for a choke attempt. Bektic escaped and they scrambled once more, with Bektic driving Lamas back into the cage again. Lamas went for the guillotine again and drove Bektic to the ground, but it wasn’t locked in. Lamas pulled out the old “lets go” looking to stand and trade. Bektic saw his moment, and took Lamas back tot he mat. It was Mirsad Bektic on top and looking to land strikes as the horn blew to end the round.

Mirsad Bektić def. Ricardo Lamas by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)