UFC Liverpool Results: Carlo Pedersoli Jr. Earns Unanimous Decision Over Brad Scott in Debut

UFC octagon girl
UFC octagon girl A.RICARDO/Shutterstock.com

Overcoming an early knockdown, Carlo Pedersoli Jr. battled back to earn a unanimous decision win in his promotional debut at UFC Liverpool.

Carlo Pedersoli Jr. made his UFC debut Sunday at Liverpool, England’s Echo Arena. Pedersoli entered the octagon having gone 10-1 outside of the UFC, and was welcomed by England’s own Brad Scott, a UFC and TUF veteran with seven fights inside of the octagon. The two met on the UFC Liverpool preliminary card for a scheduled three round contest.

A touch of the gloves gloves and they were off. It was Scott with a push kick to open things up. Brad Scott followed with a nice jab and another front kick. Pedersoli came back with an overhand; Scott fired a low kick, and both fighters were starting to loosen up and throw. Pedersoli attacked with a side kick, while Scott came back with a solid right. Pedersoli followed with another overhand, as Scott went back to the leg kick. He then went with a body punch, and Pedersoli threw a combo in response. Pedersoli came in and Scott dropped him with a right. Pedersoli survived and waved his finger at Scott to close the round. That said, Pedersoli was looking wobbled.

In the second, both fighters were exchanging out of the gate. Pedersoli went with a high kick that was blocked; both fighter were throwing everything and looking loose. Pedersoli landed a straight shot to the body and followed it with a front kick, also to the body. Scott replied in kind. Pedersoli attacked with a hard body kick on Scott — and those body shots were going to start adding up. The two exchanged, but Scott looked to be slowing slightly. Pedersoli was working the jab and mixing it up with high kicks. He was firing off first and landed the first take down of the match to end the round.

With round three underway, the two hugged it out then started to chuck leather. Pedrosoli was looking to land the overhand, and Scott fired back. The two exchanged kicks with Pedersoli getting the better of Scott, adding a hard body kick. Scott landed a solid right. It was then Scott working the jab and Pedersoli answering with another body kick. The newcomer then landed a second takedown, but the two were quick to get back to their feet and continue to exchange. Scott landed a solid right again once they were back up. Pedersoli shot for a third take down, but Scott was quick to get back to his feet. Scott launched a nice body shot, but Pedersoli answered with his fourth takedown of the fight. The fight would end on the ground, with newcomer Carlo Pedersoli earning the unanimous decision.

Carlo Pedersoli Jr. def. Brad Scott by unanimous decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)