UFC 224: Pros React to Lyoto Machida’s Earth Shattering Head Kick Finish of Vitor Belfort

Vitor Belfort UFC
Vitor Belfort Credit: A.RICARDO / Shutterstock.com

Lyoto Machida sent Vitor Belfort into retirement at UFC 224, and ‘The Phenom’ went out on his shield.

At UFC 224 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Saturday, Vitor Belfort expected to head off into retirement. It’s safe to say, however, that he probably didn’t expect to head on down that dusty trail while unconscious. Lyoto Machida had other plans at UFC 224, however. And is often the case, the MMA Gods were cruel. A man known later in his career for head kick knockouts was himself knocked out by a kick to the head.

This time, it was a front face kick landed by Machida, shades of his bout with Randy Couture in Toronto all those years ago. That fight sent Couture into retirement, minus a tooth. It was also reminiscent of Anderson Silva’s finish of Belfort several years back. Only this time, Steven Segal likely won’t take credit (we hope).

In any case, Machida’s finish of Belfort was stunning. Earth shaking. Not at all what Belfort had hoped for — but perhaps this will convince the former light heavyweight champion, who first fought in the UFC at just 19 years old, that retirement is indeed the correct decision.

How did Belfort’s fellow pros react to the finish? Lets take a look!