UFC 224 Results: John Lineker Defeats Brian Kelleher Via Giant Left

John Lineker UFC Miami Cory Sandhagen
Credit: Dave Mandel/Sherdog.com

On the UFC 224 PPV card Saturday in Rio, Brazil was a key match-up between John Lineker and Brian Kelleher.

John Lineker and Brian Kelleher were expected to throw down  at UFC 224 in what promised to be a can’t miss fight. And to be clear, one man didn’t miss, adding to a fantastic night of finishes for the much criticized PPV card.

The action started out as most MMA bouts do: Brian Kelleher opened the fight looking for leg kicks as John Lineker moved in, landed a punch, and showed his power. Both tried to bring pressure and move in on the other, looking to land leg kicks. Lineker moved in and ripped to the body, Kelleher answered with a big left hook. Lineker continued to move in and landed another big punch on Kelleher, and he was down! Kelleher worked from his guard, whether he  was off balance or actually hurt was unclear, but he got hit with some big shots. Brian Kelleher managed to get to his feet, however, and landed a spinning backfist. Nice strong opening minutes for Lineker, but Kelleher landed some nice shots too.

Lineker opened the second round like he ended the first, continuing with pressure and working the body and then going high. Lineker was getting Kelleher up to the fence and landing heavy hands! Kelleher survived, but he was not giving Lineher much back. Body shots were starting to take their toll as Lineker was getting after him like a madman. Round two was Lineker fighting like madman and basically doing what he wanted against Kelleher.

In the third, a bit of grappling. Lineker opened up and looked for a guillotine; Kelleher got out and looked for one of his own before being reversed and taken off the cage. Lineker just kept landing with brutal body shots. Lineker’s pace had slowed a bit in the third, but he continued landing hard shots, especially to the body. The came the finish: Lineker landed a giant left hook and Kelleher was hurt! Another giant left and Kelleher was out.

Once again, John Lineker’s heavy hands had sealed the deal.

John Lineker def. Brian Kelleher by knockout, Round 3, 3:43