UFC 223 Results: Renato Moicano Bests Calvin Kattar

UFC Renato Moicano
Renato Moicano Credit: Dave Mandel/Sherdog.com

Renato Moicano got the job done against Calvin Kattar at UFC 223 on Saturday in Brooklyn.

After a tumultuous week for the UFC that saw multiple fights dropped form the card, a champion taken into custody and the main event almost scraped entirely, UFC 223 finally went down Saturday night. The evening finally saw the fighters step into the cage at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. And on the main card, Renato Moicano and Calvin Kattar met at featherweight.

Moicano entered the night after suffering the lone loss of his career at UFC 214 to Brian Ortega. He faced off with Calvin Kattar, who had impressed in last two trips to octagon, and boasted an undefeated UFC record.

The first round opened with Moicano throwing a leg kick to start, both fighters feeling each other out, and Kattar working the jab. Moicano fired a leg kick back, Kattar answered with a left and right that hurt Moicano, though Moicano recovered quickly. He fired back a leg kick, next came Kattar with a nice right over the top. Moicano went with a kick to the body, and the two exchanged jabs. Kattar threw a left; Moicano countered with the right. Katter fired with a left, right combo, and Moicano worked the leg kicks with three in a row that went unanswered. Kattar was pressing forward as Moicano countered with a right; it was Kattar who continued pressing the action as the round ended.

The second round saw Kattar come out quick with a big over head shot that missed the mark. Moicano answered with a flurry of shots followed by a kick. Moicano looked to be loosening up and started firing off first with Moicano loading up on the leg kicks and catching Kattar on the way in with a right. Moicano began pressing the action as Kattar looked to find his range. Calvin Kattar tried to get the jab going, but Moicano continued to chop at his legs, messing up his rhythm. Kattar changed stances and Moicano chopped his front leg again. Kattar tried to close the distance to land a shot as the round ended.

The final round saw Moicano open with a leg kick. The two exchanged, and Moicano landed a hard right. Moicano scored with another leg kick followed by flurry of shots; Kattar pressed and threw a combo of his own that Moicano slipped and dodged. Moicano fired back to even it out. Moicano was loading up his punches and kicks, while Kattar looked to be favoring his lead leg. Moicano landed a big uppercut that drove Kattar back, followed by a thundering kick to the body. Moicano went with a hard right followed by a flurry almost landing at will as the round came to a close. Going to the scorecards, two judges gave all three rounds to Renato Moicano.

Renato Moicano def. Calvin Kattar by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)