Chaos Erupts at UFC 223 Media Day As Conor McGregor, Entourage Storm In, Michael Chiesa Reportedly Injured

Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor Credit: Idris Erba/Mayweather Promotions

Conor McGregor is once again in the news, for all the wrong reasons.

Conor McGregor’s antics just hit a new low. Along with his entourage, the recently stripped lightweight champion stormed into the Barclay’s Center on Thursday in Brooklyn. There, they proceeded to embark on a mini-riot, throwing a security barrier, and later hurling chairs against a bus with fighters on board.

Reportedly, at least one fighter, lightweight Michael Chiesa, was injured. According to Brazil’s Combate, Chiesa suffered a laceration in the commotion.

UFC strawweight Felice Herrig reportedly originally captured video of the chaos leading up to the incident:

Multiple angles of the ensuing commotion have since popped up online.

It’s likely that the commotion stems from an earlier confrontation. UFC 223 main event lightweight Khabib Nurmagomedov swarmed a member of McGregor’s SBG Ireland earlier in the week with his own entourage. That SBG fighter, Artem Lobov, is also fighting at UFC 223. While the incident seemed to be downplayed at the time (the UFC made no official comment), it appears likely to have led to today’s incident.

What repercussions there will be for McGregor remains to be seen. It’s unclear if he was the one who injured Chiesa, though he certainly did nothing to help the situation. It is clear, however, that the UFC needs to remind all their fighters the confrontations are to stay in the cage, not in the streets. Or arenas.

Update: Cageside Press has reached out to the NYPD, who confirm they are looking into the incident near the Barclay’s Center today.

Update, 4:50PM ET: There is no warrant currently out for McGregor’s arrest, per NYPD.