Better Late Than Never: Sarah Kaufman, Jessica-Rose Clark Finally Paid by Battlefield FC

Sarah Kaufman and Jessica-Rose Clark have finally been paid by Battlefield FC
Sarah Kaufman Credit: Jeff Sherwood/

It’s a case of “better late than never” as Sarah Kaufman and Jessica-Rose Clark have at long last been paid by Battlefield FC.

It took just over a year, but a pair of top female fighters have been paid their purses by a tardy South Korean MMA promotion. Jessica-Rose Clark, currently scrapping in the UFC, and Sarah Kaufman, Canada’s former Strikeforce champion at present under the Invicta FC banner, fought each other back at Battlefield FC: Korea in March of last year. The fight was one of the larger ones on the Battlefield card, thanks to Kaufman’s status as a former champion in a major MMA promotion (Clark’s star would begin to rise shortly after, as she made her way to the UFC).

Yet neither fighter was paid, a situation several fighters on the card found themselves in. Cageside Press spoke with both Sarah Kaufman and Jessica-Rose Clark in the past few months; each fighter confirmed payment was still outstanding.

That apparently changed this week, as Kaufman (who won the bout) announced on social media.

Tales of the missing fight purses had dogged the promotion over the past year. The good news is, both fighters have been paid, money that will certainly come in handy. Clark was the victim of a high-profile robbery earlier this year, while Kaufman had seen numerous fights fall through prior to rejoining Invicta. Things are looking up for both fighters: Kaufman will battle for Invicta FC’s bantamweight title later this year, while Clark is coming off a win over Paige Van Zant in St. Louis.