UFC 221 Results: Alexander Volkanovski Pounds Out Jeremy Kennedy

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Alexander Volkanovski fended off a Canadian invasion with thunderous ground n’ pound at UFC 221 in Perth.

Canada’s ‘JBC’ — Jeremy Kennedy — ventured into hostile territory at UFC 221 in Perth, Australia. There, he finally got a chance to throw down will fellow featherweight Alexander Volkanovski. The bout had been originally scheduled for UFC Sydney last November, but Kennedy was forced off the card due to a neck injury. Saturday night, however, the Canadian was good to go.

With the action underway, Volkanovski held the center early, but Kennedy quickly grabbed a leg and worked on a single. Volkanovski fought it off, reversed, and pushed the Canadian into the cage. He then executed a trip to get on top, while Kennedy looked to latch onto an arm. Volkanovski looked to drop elbows, and was able to connect with some big left hands. He had Kennedy in a bad spot, and was landing some seriously hard shots before Kennedy was able to get him back in full guard. Unable to escape, Kennedy was in survival mode. However, just prior to the round’s end, Kennedy was able to isolate a leg and use it to regain his feet.

After an early exchange in round two, Volkanovski scored the takedown and things were right back where they left off in the first. This time, however, Kennedy escaped early, but ate a knee in the process. Then it was Kennedy looking for a takedown, only to have Volkanovski manage to get the better of him and land on top. Volkanovski then began landing some huge punches to the body on the downed Kennedy. Volkanovski next turned up the heat, dropping elbows and heavy left hands as Kennedy covered up. Just when it looked like Kennedy would again escape the round, the ref had seen enough, waving the fight off as Kennedy covered up.

Alexander Volkanovski def. Jeremy Kennedy by TKO, Round 2, 4:57


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