UFC Charlotte Results: Drew Dober Tops Frank Camacho in Wild Affair

UFC 214 Drew Dober UFC Charlotte
Credit: Dave Mandel/Sherdog.com

Frank Camacho and Drew Dober threw down to start the UFC Charlotte main card and it was Drew Dober who took home the victory.

Jabs went each way to start off this UFC Charlotte Fight of the Night candidate. A body kick from Drew Dober then a one-two from Frank Camacho preceded a clinch by Dober. The positioning did not matter for Camacho, who threw Dober down with his back to the fence. Dober worked his way back up and the striking resumed.

Camacho slipped a jab then landed an uppercut. Dober then landed a straight punch and continued to press forward. Camacho reclaimed control of the Octagon and clinched with Dober against the fence. Again Camacho tripped Dober to the canvas and comfortably held Dober down for the final minute of the round. Dober was able to get up with 10 seconds left and exchanged strikes with Camacho. A right hand for Camacho landed at the buzzer and rocked Dober, but the bell saved him.

An early clinch in round two led to a takedown attempt from Dober, but it was Camacho who ended up in top position. Dober pushed Camacho off of him, and Camacho was visibly tired. Dober opened up on the feet and was landing with ease. There was little resistance from Camacho aside from hard punches of his own. The onslaught from Dober continued including a high kick.

Camacho began to work Dober’s body in an attempt to sap his energy level. Dober thwarted Camacho’s attempts at pressure by staying behind a stiff jab. Power shots only was the rule for both fighters to close out the second round as the Fight of the Night favorite began to live up to the hype. Both Camacho and Dober were hit with heavy blows in the final 30 seconds.

The throwdown continued to start round three and after a brief clinch, the fists continued to fly. Dober shot for a single leg takedown and drove Camacho to the fence. Camacho defended, got his back off the fence then tripped Dober. Dober escaped after about 30 seconds. A heavy left straight landed for Dober, then Camacho landed one of his own. A spinning kick missed for Dober, but his punching accuracy was giving Camacho problems.

Camacho attempted to clinch up with Dober but Dober got away quickly. Left hand after left hand landed for Dober and Camacho continued to work the body. Both men swung for the finish and it was going to be difficult for the judges to pick a winner in this one.

Drew Dober def. Frank Camacho by Unanimous Decision (29-28 x2, 30-27)