UFC St. Louis Results: Kyung Ho Kang Triangles Guido Cannetti Late in Round One

UFC St. Louis Kyung Ho Kang
Credit: James Goyder/Sherdog.com

The UFC St. Louis FS1 prelims kicked off with a bang with a late first round submission from Kyung Ho Kang.

Kyung Ho Kang looks to kick off his 2018 by continuing his two-fight win streak at UFC St. Louis. The two victories were his first in the UFC after losing in his first two appearances (one loss was overturned). Kang is a South Korean submission specialist, forcing nine of his 13 victims to tap out. Kang also just completed his mandatory military service for his native South Korea and has not fought since 2014.

Guido Cannetti is 1-1 in the UFC and has not fought since 2015. In 2016, Cannetti was suspended by USADA, keeping him out of competition until now. The Argentinian was 6-1 prior to entering the Octagon, and had not reached the final bell in all of those fights.

The fight had a slow first half minute, then Cannetti opened things up with a leg kick. Cannetti allowed his kicks to open up his punches. Cannetti blitzed with a heavy combination and hit Kang hard, followed by a takedown.

Kang bided his time until returning to the feet. Cannetti threw a few flashy kicks that did not reach his opponent, then bull-rushed into the clinch again. Kang capitalized this time by throwing Cannetti down right into full mount. The South Korean only had a minute to work, so he postured up and attempted a triangle choke. Kang rolled into guard, and Cannetti attempted to defend by standing up and leaning Kang against the cage.

Cannetti could not hold him there forever though, as he eventually slumped to the ground, threw a punch to the body and tapped out with just 10 seconds remaining in the round.

Kyung Ho Kang was overcome with emotion after winning, letting out a primal scream and leaping onto the cage.

Kyung Ho Kang def. Guido Cannetti by Submission (Triangle Choke) in Round 1 (4:50)