UFC 219 Results: Cris Cyborg Outlands Holly Holm, Defends Title

Cris Cyborg UFC 219 UFC 222
Credit: Dave Mandel/Sherdog.com

Cris Cyborg took what Holly Holm had to offer and defended her belt successfully at UFC 219.

Cris Cyborg was finally crowned the UFC featherweight champion earlier this year. She is currently 3-0 in the Octagon, all via brutal striking stoppage. Cyborg seems borderline unstoppable, winning all 19 fights since her MMA debut loss, although one victory was overturned. She looks to defend her title for the first time at UFC 219.

Holly Holm was hyped up as the answer to Ronda Rousey when she was signed to the UFC, and was exactly that. After a pair of bland decision victories, Holm dominated the unbeatable Ronda Rousey, finishing her off with a thunderous head kick. Things went south for Holm afterward, dropping three straight fights to Meisha Tate, Germaine De Randamie and Valentina Shevchenko. However, she was able to bounce back with a head kick knockout over Bethe Correia.

Cris Cyborg threw a head kick that was caught by Holly Holm and was thrown to the canvas. Holm allowed her to stand then threw a head kick, then pushed Cyborg against the cage. After the separation, Holm landed a solid left hand, then ate a leg kick from Cyborg.

Cyborg landed a counter right on Holm as she rushed in. Another bullrush from Holm led to a clinch against the cage, followed by a separation initiated by Holm. Holm clinched again after a shot landed by Cyborg. A final exchange in the round saw a head kick from Holm get blocked, then Cyborg landed a superman punch at the buzzer.

Holm landed a leg kick then ate a counter hook from Cyborg. Cyborg landed a hard body kick, then Holm answered with a side kick to the stomach. Another rush from Holm led to another clinch against the cage until Holm decided to step away. Holm clinched again and landed a right on the exit. Holm continued to clinch as Cyborg was in the middle of her tight combination, and this time, Holm kept her against the cage a bit longer.

After the break, Cyborg landed a hard shot, then nearly landed a head kick. Holm rushed in again and ate a hook on the entry before the round ended.

Holm came up short on her first combination effort, then Cyborg initated the clinch. Holm limited the offense of Cyborg before finding a way out of Cyborg’s grasp. A big right landed for Cyborg as Holm threw a jab, then a body kick landed for Cyborg. Holm was caught by a quick left, then landed a straight of her own.

Cyborg landed a pair of hooks and threw Holm off as she attempted to clinch. A head kick from Holm was caught and Cyborg was able to temporarily get a hold of Holm. Right before the round ended, Cyborg rocked Holm with a right and pushed for a finish, but the bell stopped her pursuit.

Cyborg started the fourth round with a jab, but Holm was able to answer with a straight. Cyborg countered another combination with a right over the top. Holm stayed active, but it was Cyborg landing the damaging strikes. Cyborg avoided a jab and landed a straight, then a solid push kick. Another clinch from Holm silenced the offense of Cyborg temporarily. Holm was then able to land a rightleft combination.

Cyborg began landing her potshots with ease towards the end of round four, and Holm had no answer.

Holly Holm started the final round with a body kick. A flying elbow from Holm led to a clinch from Cyborg that Holm was able to reverse. Cyborg landed shots on the exit, then Holm landed a left. Cyborg began to incorporate leg kicks into her attack, and landed yet another jab. Cyborg’s jab was absolute money in the final round as Holm did everything she could to generate offense.

A right hand wobbled Holm again, but she was able to reset. Holm landed a hook kick but ate a combination from Cyborg. Hard superman punch landed for Cyborg. Holm landed a stiff combination that seemed to get Cyborg’s attention, but then Holm clinched up with her and Cyborg was able to recover. Simultaneous right hands landed to end the contest.

Cris Cyborg def. Holly Holm by Unanimous Decision (49-46, 48-47, 48-47)