UFC Fresno Results: Alexis Davis Hangs On for Split Decision Win Over Liz Carmouche

Alexis Davis UFC
Credit: Dave Mandel/Sherdog.com

At UFC Fresno Saturday, Alexis Davis got off to an early lead, then held on to take a split decision win over Liz Carmouche.

In the featured televised preliminary fight at UFC Fresno on Saturday, Canada’s Alex Davis returned. Looking for a fresh start, she joined a long list of fighters dropping down to ply her trade in the UFC’s new women’s flyweight division. Opposite her in the octagon, fellow former bantamweight title challenger Liz Carmouche.

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Both women came out of the gate trading. With Carmouche having the edge in power, Davis quickly worked to drive her into the fence, getting her underhooks in. While the clinch work dragged on, ref Frank Trigg (in his first UFC reffing assignment in Fresno) opted to break up the action and restart. That allowed Carmouche to take control, and despite her heavy hands, she shot in for a takedown. Davis worked a whizzer, but wound up on her back regardless. From there, however, she was the greater threat, locking in an arm-bar. Carmouche struggled to fight it off, but was able to lift her opponent up for a short slam. That took them to the bell.

In the second, Davis threw an early leg kick, then caught a Carmouche kick and dumped her on her back. Davis went right into guard, then worked to pass a leg. In half guard, she peppered the ribs with short punches, and controlled the majority of the round. With time quickly slipping away from the clock and Carmouche unable to get back to her feet, she got a save from the ref, who stood them up. That gave Carmouche a chance for a late takedown, but the second belonged to Davis.

Round three was a much better round for Liz Carmouche, as she opened fire early, catching Davis and hurting her. However, after that flurry of punches she opted to take things to the ground. It proved to be a critical mistake. Forgoing a chance to finish, she instead wound up in Davis’ wheelhouse, with the Canadian again threatening with an arm-bar. It was deja vu all over again, and again, Carmouche defended by hoisting her opponent up and dropping her down.

Going to the scorecards, it was Davis taking the nod in a split decision. Though not popular with the crowd, it was far from controversial.

Alexis Davis def. Liz Carmouche by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)