UFC Shanghai: Gastelum vs. Bisping Fight Pass Preliminary Results and Recap

Chase Sherman appeared at UFC on Fox 25 (UFC Long Island)
Credit: Dave Mandel/Sherdog.com

With the UFC touching down in Shanghai on Saturday, history was made. The world’s top MMA promotion was making the trip to mainland China for the first time — but would it be worth the wait?

UFC Shanghai marked the second week in a row where the UFC lobbed a softball in terms of card quality. Yet where UFC Sydney at least had a handful of compelling fights, UFC Shanghai had but one: the main event.  At least on paper.

On second glance, however, the UFC Fight Night 122 preliminary card, airing on UFC Fight Pass, had something for everyone. A pair of heavyweight fights, including a debuting Chinese behemoth, plus Chase Sherman, the UFC’s GIF King. A second chance at a first impression for Gina Mazany, whose UFC debut against Sara McMann was a rough one.And at the top of the preliminary card, the return of Zabit Magomedsharipov, whose UFC debut in September was impressive to say the least.

Check back come fight time for a full recap and results from UFC Shanghai’s Fight Pass prelims!

Cyril Asker vs. Yaozong Hu

Asker opened the action with a right hand in this heavyweight card starter. That led to a level change and an easy takedown from France’s Asker. He controlled the opening round, landing some shots along the fence, only to find himself in a guillotine attempt. Hu used the submission hold to force his way back up. Back on the feet, Cyril Asker led with the jab, threw an overhand right, changed levels, and scored another easy takedown. Hu, who took the fight on short notice, was looking very green in the takedown defense department. He ate some punches as Asker looked to take the back. Hu would power up to the roar of the crowd, but Asker put him right back down. Big punches to the body followed, and it was all Asker in round one.

In the second, Hu opened with a right hand, and connected with a couple of leg kicks. Soon enough however, Asker had the fight back down. He’d control the back again, but this time, got his hooks in, and was able to sink in a rear-naked choke to finish the fight.

Cyril Asker def. Yaozong Hu by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 1, 2:33

WuLiji Buren vs. Rolando Dy

Rolando Dy said Ni Hao early in the first round, landing a leg kick. Buren then found himself dropped after launching a leg kick and leaving himself open! He would survive, but the punching power of Dy was on full display. Buren, to his credit, not only survived, but followed the sequence with a pair of takedowns. He was able to control the back, looking to either get a second hook in, or apply a body triangle. Dy escaped in a scramble and looked to drag Buren into a standup war. Another big leg kick landed from Dy, sounding nasty. Dy would look for a takedown of his own near the end of the round, but was stuffed.

In the second, Buren took things down early, but couldn’t make much happen. Back up, Dy had his combinations going, finishing off with a leg kick. Buren returned fire, connecting with an overhand right. A single leg later in the round put Dy on his back, but he’d land a kick to the chest from that position. Neither fighter was able to find a finish in round two, and they’d go to a third.

The third round opened with Buren changing levels early, and nearly eating a knee for his troubles. Instead, he completed the takedown. Unable to make much happen, a scramble led to Dy getting back up. An overhand right led to another takedown attempt for Buren, but that one wasn’t completed. A low blow paused the action; afterwards, Buren looked for another single leg, which Dy defended with a guillotine. Buren’s shots were just so quick, but Dy got going near rounds end, launching a number of sharp elbows. Buren was simply hanging on at that point, and it went to the scorecards.

Rolando Dy def. Wuliji Buren by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)

Yanan Wu vs. Gina Mazany

Gina Mazany went right to work in her bantamweight affair with Wu Yanan. An early left from Mazany opened the action; the pair then clinched, exchanging knees. That clinch was held for some time, and We proved she was no pushover, even opening Mazany up. Soon enough, Mazany was down, and Yanan was working in some ground and pound. Moments later, however, it was Mazany who was on top, throwing everything but the kitchen sink. The Chinese fighter threatened with an arm-bar, but Mazany broke free. Wu would look for a single-leg, but the round would come to a close.

In the second, Wu ate a shin to the face early. She powered on, however, showing considerable toughness. Mazany was tenacious, landing a double leg, staying on her opponent. Even as Wu worked her way back up, Mazany kept her hands clinched around her waist and dragged her back down. Throughout the second frame, Mazany stayed on her opponent. Wu was warned several times not to hold the fence; Marc Goddard would stop the action to have her corner translate, saying the next time would result in a point deduction.

Towards the end of the second, it appeared Wu Yanan suffered a shoulder injury, possibly a dislocation. Heading back to her corner in obvious pain, she immediately told her corner something was wrong, but she’d tough it out.

In the third round, with Wu’s shoulder preventing her from using her right hand much, it was Mazany who was able to press forward. She’d open with a superman punch, and soon have the fight on the ground. There she was able to do considerable damage, resulting in Wu’s right eye swelling at least partially shut. Mazany would control on the ground, finishing with some big elbows and hammer fists.

Gina Mazany def. Yanan Wu by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Chase Sherman vs. Shamil Abdurakhimov

In a heavyweight affair that didn’t last long, UFC GIF King Chase Sherman took on Shamil Abdurakhimov. Abdurakhimov had taken considerable criticism for not engaging in his last fight against Derrick Lewis. That wasn’t an issue here. He opened the action, landing first; Sherman countered. Then came a big overhand right by Abdurakhimov, followed up by a left hook. Sherman went down, and that was all she wrote!

Shamil Abdurakhimov def. Chase Sherman by knockout, Round 1, 1:24

Yadong Song vs. Bharat Khandare

A couple of creative strikers in Song and Khandare (spelled Kandare in the UFC broadcast) took the cage next. Yadong showed some flair early with a spinning kick, while Khandare worked to create some distance with his jab and right hands. He’d add a spinning back fist, but it did not land clean. A right hand by Yadong connected, foreshadowing what was to come. An inside kick from the Inidian fighter connected, but he was soon finding himself backed up against the fence consistently. Yadong would hack away at Khandare’s lead leg, then launch another spinning kick that missed. Khandare would attempt another spinning back fist, missing the mark once more.

Then it was Song Yadong on the attack, landing a right hand that dropped Bharat Khandare! Khandare never fully recovered and instead found himself in a front choke, tapping before long. What a debut from nineteen year old Song!

Yadong Song def. Bharat Khandare by submission (front choke), Round 1, 4:16

Kailin Curran vs. Yan Xiaonan

A low kick by Curran was answered by a combo, then a side kick to the face of Curran landed. Xiaonan next wobbled the American with a right! What a war out of the gate this was. Things slowed briefly, as the pair clinched; Xianon then launched another high side kick. With Xiaonan way ahead on the feet, Curran needed to make the fight ugly. However, off the break the Chinese strawweight landed a crisp short elbow.

Between rounds, Curran was complaining of a dislocation, but it wasn’t clear exactly where she was hurt. She’d take the fight to the ground early, a smart approach given she’d been lit up every time the pair exchanged on the feet. Xiaonan wasn’t deterred, however, and escaped. Back on the feet, she’d look to create space and avoid the clinch. The side kicks continued to flow, and she then connected with a huge right hand that stunned Curran. The American survived, showing considerable toughness after eating so many clean strikes. Xionan would then get her jab going, and Curran went back to the clinch to ride out the round.

Round three saw Curran needing a finish, something her corner informed her between rounds. A leg kick took Curran’s feet right out from under her in the opening seconds, however. Curran then got her jab going, but that approach played into Xionan’s strengths. However, Curran soon landed a left that caught Yan Xionan. It wasn’t enough to drop her, but it set up a key takedown. From there, Curran looked to create enough space to work in. She’d pepper Xionan’s sides with short punches, and add hammer fists to the abdomen. Xionan, however, escaped, and was able to get back to her feet. That was key, as it was Curran’s best chance to finish. On the feet, they went to war once more, with Xionan bloodied, and both fighters swinging to the bell. Great fight, with Yan Xionan picking up the unanimous decision win.

Yan Xionan def. Kailin Curran by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Kenan Song vs. Bobby Nash

Song vs. Nash was over in a heartbeat, and was easily the most explosive performance of the night. The fight was almost immediately halted due to a low blow on Nash. Nash indicated he was good to go, and as the fight resumed, Song connected with a perfectly timed right hand. That dropped Nash, who rolled back in a somersault. Song pounced, landing a number of hammer fists to Nash’s head as he worked for a single leg. Ref Herb Dean came in to wave it off, as Nash continued to press for the takedown, completely unaware the fight was over. Just fifteen seconds, and Song had the finish!

Kenan Song def. Bobby Nash by TKO, Round 1, 0:15

Zabit Magomedsharipov vs. Sheymon Moraes

In the featured fight of UFC Fight Night 122’s preliminary card, Zabit Magomedsharipov proved the hype is real, capturing a late finish over Brazil’s Sheymon Moraes.

Early on, Magomedsharipov was light on his feet. Moraes scored some heavy leg kicks early, but Zabit’s flashy kicks were a constant threat as well. The Russian scored with a right hand, while Moraes returned fire. Then, Zabit proved why he’s a danger everywhere. Latching on to Moraes, he used a suplex to take him down, and completely controlled the action on the ground. When Moraes finally managed to regain his feet, he was dragged down by Magomedsharipov again, who was on him like a backpack.

In the second, it was more of the same. Where ever the fight went, Zabit had the edge. An early throw led to a scramble, with Moraes getting on top, but a quick reversal saw Zabit back in the driver’s seat. Moraes threatened with an arm-bar that Zabit deftly escaped. The Russian was crafty, managing to mount again and continue his dominance throughout the second. Dropping elbows from mount, using knee-on-belly to keep Moraes in place, he was well ahead on the scorecards. If there was any criticism to be made, he hadn’t yet come close to finishing his Brazilian foe.

That changed in round three. Early on, a leg kick from Zabit took Moraes’ feet out from under him. Once again, Zabit was in full control. This time, he let his opponent back up, showing no fear whatsoever. A spinning back fist by Zabit then stunned Moraes, and Zabit Magomedsharipov used that to secure another takedown. Moraes managed to power back up, but taking the back, Zabit kicked Moraes’ leg from under him to drop the Brazilian, then transitioned straight to mount. From there, Zabit’s coach Mark Henry called for a finish. Zabit obliged, immediately sinking in an anaconda choke. It wasn’t long until Moraes was forced to tap. Zabit Magomedsharipov with the finish on demand, following a dominant performance!

After the bout, Zabit called for a bout with the always dangerous Yair Rodriguez, which would be a killer fight.

Zabit Magomedsharipov def. Sheymon Moraes by submission (anaconda choke), Round 3, 4:30

UFC Shanghai: Gastelum vs. Bisping Preliminary Card Results:

Zabit Magomedsharipov def. Sheymon Moraes by submission (anaconda choke), Round 3, 4:30
Kenan Song def. Bobby Nash by TKO, Round 1, 0:15
Yan Xionan def. Kailin Curran by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)
Yadong Song def. Bharat Kandare by submission (front choke), Round 1, 4:16
Shamil Abdurakhimov def. Chase Sherman by knockout, Round 1, 1:24
Gina Mazany def. Yanan Wu by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Rolando Dy def. Wuliji Buren by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)
Cyril Asker def. Yaozong Hu by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 1, 2:33