UFC Sydney Results: Fabricio Werdum Outclasses Marcin Tybura

Fabricio Werdum UFC
Fabricio Werdum Credit: Dave Mandel/Sherdog.com

Both Fabricio Werdum and Marcin Tybura got their licks in at UFC Sydney, but it was Werdum who consistently landed to earn the unanimous decision.

Marcin Tybura was originally set to fight Mark Hunt as the UFC Sydney main event, but Hunt was pulled from the fight by the promotion. In steps Fabricio Werdum, former heavyweight champion. Tybura is on a three-fight win streak, with two knockouts and a decision victory over the legendary Andrei Arlovski most recently.

Fabricio Werdum has fought everywhere and is known as the greatest heavyweight submission artist on the planet. Werdum is 2-1 since losing the title, most recently submitting Walt Harris on a day’s notice last month.

Marcin Tybura opened up the striking and Fabricio Werdum quickly answered. Werdum threw a head kick that was deflected. Both men worked their range striking, as Werdum landed a two-punch combination.

Werdum snuck a body kick under the left arm of Tybura and it landed nicely. A left hand sent Tybura backwards, then Werdum pursued initiating a clinch and throwing a knee. Tybura kept attempting a snap kick to the body, but it did not keep the Brazilian away as Werdum pushed forward with a combination and clinched the Polish heavyweight.

Werdum took a few tries to drag Tybura down, but when he did, Tybura smoothly stood up and let Werdum slide off his back. Tybura clinched the back of Werdum, and Werdum countered with a kimura attempt as the round ended.

Werdum landed a very solid one-two to start the second round. Tybura seemed to not yet figure out his range, as Werdum narrowly missed a flying knee. Just like that Tybura landed a body-head combination but ate a body kick in the process. Tybura landed a head kick that Werdum visibly shook off.

Tybura threw a pair of snap kicks and Werdum responded with a leg kick. Werdum attempted to initiate a clinch and Tybura threw him off. Each man’s charges just missed as they reset to the center of the Octagon. Werdum threw a wheel kick that missed but was acknowledged by Tybura, then landed a combination that started with a Muay Thai clinch knee. Tybura got out of Werdum’s range as the round came to a close.

Fabricio Werdum started the third round with a one-two as a leg kick for Marcin Tybura. A big jumping knee landed for Werdum after a snap kick from his opponent. A pair of head kicks narrowly missed for Werdum then Tybura responded with one of his own that was deflected.

The heavyweights started to fall into wild close-range exchanges, with Werdum doing his best to initiate the Muay Thai clinch. Werdum began to pull away in the latter half of round three. A slick combination landed for Werdum which he followed up by landing a clinch knee that paused Tybura along the fence. The Brazilian unsuccessfully attempted a takedown, and Tybura was able to survive the round.

Hard combinations landed each way to start the fourth round. Tybura seemed a bit more worn at this point then Werdum, who landed a takedown that did not last long as Tybura stood up along the cage.

As the fighters relocated, Werdum successfully landed a single leg takedown into half guard with two minutes to work. Werdum made it to side control, but a scramble was initiated and Tybura stood up. Tybura shot for a takedown and Werdum countered with a guillotine, but Tybura was saved by the bell. Werdum held the choke a bit too long for the liking of the Tybura corner, but it did not escalate.

Tybura landed a right hand then a big head kick that seemed to stun Werdum. A left landed for Tybura as well. A combination landed for the Brazilian. Tybura began landing at a higher rate, going from snap kick to head kick. Another right landed for the Polish heavyweight, as well as a swiping right hand.

Another exchange saw both fighters get caught. A big clinch knee landed for Werdum followed by a combination. Werdum pushed hard for a combination that Tybura withstood. With 10 seconds left, both participants swung for the fences until the final bell.

UFC Sydney featured another fine performance from Fabricio Werdum, but Marcin Tybura is a promising contender at heavyweight.

Fabricio Werdum def. Marcin Tybura by Unanimous Decision (50-45 x2, 49-46)

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