ONE Championship: Hero’s Dream Results and Recap

ONE Championship Hero's Dream
Credit: ONE Championship

Weight classes were of little consequence in the main event of Friday’s ONE Championship: Hero’s Dream.

ONE Championship was back in action Friday, November 3, touching down in Yangon, Myanmar with ONE Championship: Hero’s Dream. In the main event, Aung La N Sang, the promotion’s middleweight champion, jumped up for an openweight super-fight against heavyweight Alain Ngalani.

Check back throughout the event, which kicked off at 9:30 AM EST, for updates, including results and fight recaps!

Chen Lei vs. Burn Soriano

A short right led to a takedown just after the opening bell, and from there, China’s Chen Lei went to work, hammering away at Burn Soriano from half guard. While the ref took a good look at the action, Soriano would survive and make it back to his feet. That led to a standup war with Soriano finally getting in some offence of his own, throwing wild hooks and a spinning back fist before Lei decided he’d had enough and pressed the action up against the cage. Latching onto a leg, he converted a single leg takedown to get the fight back to the ground, and postured up, looking to add more damage. With Lei stepping back briefly, he’d have to be wary of the upkick; Soriano then grabbed an arm and cranked it, looking to sneak in an arm-bar at the end of the round, but Lei would survive.

A roundhouse kick by Chen Lei and a short right by Soriano opened the action in round two, with Burn Soriano leaving the opening round for the first time in his career. Lei soon had the fight down and had passed from half guard to mount, dropping elbows as Soriano covered up. A couple of those, and the ref had seen enough!

Chen Lei def. Burn Soriano by TKO (strikes), Round 2, 1:06

Sit Mhan vs. Saw Darwait

In a battle of Myanmar fighters, if you blniked you missed it. Following a scramble, Saw Darwait took his opponent’s back and locked in the rear-naked choke even while dragging Sit Mhan to the ground. There was no escape, and Mhan was forced to tap!

Saw Darwait def. Sit Mhan by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 1, 0:41

Pongsiri Mitsatit vs. Jeremy Miado

Mitsatit and Miado started as a flashy affair, with both fighters showing off creative, quick striking early. Jumping knees and spinning backfists were par for the course, but it was takedowns that made the difference. Miado continually imposed his will, keeping up the pressure and working at a pace Miado couldn’t hang with for long. A break for the doctor to check on the bloodied Miado paused the action, but they would continue. Mitsatit finished round one strong with knees to the body, and they’d go to a second.

Miado launched an overhand right, but looked to have slowed a step early in the second. He was putting a lot of power into every shot, but telegraphing them badly. A takedown effort by was stuffed by Miado, and Mittsatit tried a little showboating instead. Whether that was the spark or not the fight opened up once again seconds later with both fighters throwing bombs, and Mittsatit landing more, including a hard kick to the body; Miado would soon back off, bloodied. Mitsatit began walking him down, with Miado jabbing to keep him at bay. He was tiring, however, and when Mitsatit managed to once again get him down and get on top, it wasn’t long before Jeremy Miado verbally submitted

Pongsiri Mitsatit def. Jeremy Miado by submission (strikes), Round 2, 4:23

Saw Thar Nge vs. Ye Thway Ne

Ye Thway Ne would go to the body, while Saw Thar Nge attacked with a spinning back fist as these two Myanmar flyweights put on a striking clinic early. Ye Thway Ne was soon landing some big punches and backing up his opponent, with the momentum clearly in his favor by the midway point of the round. Nge looked to escape, trying to counter, but a spinning back fist attempt opened him up to more damage. Ye Thway Ne clipped him around the ninety second mark, and Nge was wobbled! Ne used his left hand to finish the job, and Nge crashed to the canvas!

Ye Thway Ne def. Saw Thar Nge by knockout, Round 1, 3:50

Ma Hao Bin vs. Eugene Toquero

Ma Hao Bin entered Hero’s Dream on a five fight win streak Friday, where he took on the Philippines’ Eugene Toquero. The flyweights started slow, feeling each other out early. Toquero would finally open the action after nearly a minute, connecting with a leg kick. Ma Hao Bin would shoot and land a takedown about ninety seconds in, then immediately sink in a guillotine choke. Toquero would hang on, and land a number of short punches to the side. That left Bin working from the bottom with Toquero in guard. A reversal moments later would see Ma Hao Bin on top!  In he final moment he’s manage to get mount and look to take the back, but Toquero showed solid defense and managed to get inside Bin’s guard. Bin would then grab an arm, and crank enough to earn the tap just before the bell!

Ma Hao Bin def. Eugene Toquero by submission (arm-bar), Round 1, 4:51

Phoe Thaw vs. Saw Ba Oo

Poe Thaw would look to take the fight to the ground in the featherweight co-main event of ONE Championship: Hero’s Dream. Saw Ba Oo would fight to stay standing, but when the action finally did go to the mat, he was able to reverse and get in Thaw’s guard! Thaw would look to sweep, using butterfly hooks, and fans were treated to something of a chess match on the canvas. When Thaw went for an arm-bar, Saw Ba Oo would hoist him up and slam him down to the roar of the crowd! They’d open up then, trading punches, with Oo adding a knee before Thaw once again scored a takedown. That, however, would come just before the bell to end round one.

Saw Ba Oo opened the second round guns blazing and tried to draw Phoe Thaw into a firefight. When it went down, it was Saw Ba Oo on top, but a sweep saw Phoe Thaw in control. He’d then take mount and begin raining bombs, but incredibly Saw Ba Oo was able to escape, reverse, and land in That’s guard! The pair were stealing the show at Hero’s Dream, and when they regained their feet, knees by Saw Ba Oo lit the crowd aflame again. Thaw tried to lure Saw Ba Oo into his guard, but he was having none of it. In the final minute, they’d trade before Phoe Thaw tried a late guillotine, to no avail.

A more measured pace started things off in round three, but it wasn’t long before the featherweights were trading against the cage. Thaw backed off, but would later connect with a huge right hand, that Saw Ba Oo simply ate, continuing on. It was Oo who would walk his opponent down as Thaw looked to counter; both men were starting to show signs of fatigue. Saw Ba Oo was landing some heavy shots, but Phoe Thaw displayed heavy hands of his own. Thaw used his jab and front kick to create distance, and by the final minute it still felt as if either man, were he to connect clean, could earn a finish. Thaw began to press, but Saw Ba Oo would push right back; finally, the exhausted fighters rode out the clock, and it went to the judges.

Phoe Thaw def. Saw Ba Oo by split decision

Aung La N Sang vs. Alain Ngalani

Middleweight champ Aung La N Sang faced off against heavyweight Alain Ngalani at openweight in ONE Championship: Hero’s Dream five-round main event. Despite the weight class difference, Sang, a big middleweight, didn’t look dwarfed by the bigger man, though Ngalani was clearly thicker.

The pair traded leg kicks early, and Aung La N Sang moved in with a big right hand, connecting. Ngalani, however, was able to muscle him to the ground and get into half guard, not a position the middleweight champ wanted to be in early in the fight (or at all). Ngalani looked to pass, but Sang held on. The strength of Ngalani was a clear factor, as were his tree-trunk like legs that allowed him to put constant pressure on Aung La N Sang. Sang methodically made his way back to his feet against the cage, then looked for a guillotine choke. Dropping that attempt for a moment, he’d try again and pull guard; Ngalani would break free only for Sang to continue working for submissions from the bottom. Sang would get back up again, and the pair would clinch against the fence. Once more Sang would pull guard in a guillotine attempt, and this time, he’d earn the tap!

Aung La N Sang def. Alain Ngalani by submission (guillotine choke), Round 1, 4:31

ONE Championship: Hero’s Dream Results:

Aung La N Sang def. Alain Ngalani by submission (guillotine choke), Round 1, 4:31
Phoe Thaw def. Saw Ba Oo by split decision
Ma Hao Bin def. Eugene Toquero by submission (arm-bar), Round 1, 4:51
Ye Thway Ne def. Saw Thar Nge by knockout, Round 1, 3:50
Pongsiri Mitsatit def. Jeremy Miado by submission (strikes), Round 2, 4:23
Saw Darwait def. Sit Mhan by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 1, 0:41
Chen Lei def. Burn Soriano by TKO (strikes), Round 2, 1:06

Preliminary Card:

Miao Je def. Amira Hafizovic by submission, Round 1
Zhang Ze Hao def. Bala Shetty by KO/TKO, Round 1
Jomary Torres def. Nita Dea by unanimous decision


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