First Governmentally Recognized MMA Association Formed in Bangladesh


The sport of MMA continues to make strides globally, as Bangladesh now has it’s first federally recognized MMA association.

MMA as a sport has come a long way. Once banned in New York for being far too violent, the sport of Mixed Martial Arts is now one of the fastest growing in the world. Today, another landmark achievement has been reached with the formation of All Bangladesh National MMA Association. That brings another country into the sport’s fold, so to speak. MMA is not currently officially recognized as a sport in many South East Asian countries, including India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. One of the major reasons for its lack of recognition is the absence of proper, organized bodies able to come together to build the sport from the grassroots level. With the formation of ABNMMAA, MMA fighters across Bangladesh now have a platform that allows them to report issues they encounter in the sport, as well as find a stage which can help them get noticed in the MMA world.

The new body is recognized by the Ministry of Sports and Youth & the National Sports Council of Bangladesh. With the formation of the association, Supanto Haldar was elected as the President of the body, and Rajan Halder elected as general secretary. In an exclusive statement to Cageside Press, ABNMMAA Joint Secretary Abid Hassan Tanvir said “MMA is gaining popularity in Bangladesh. Day by day the youth are getting interested in it. The sport is still in its infancy here and our association will work to develop the sports all over the country.”

The short-term goal of the association is to create the first batch of pro fighters. Tanvir explained that “our primary target is to work on amateur level talent for producing the first batch of Pro [mixed martial artists]. We have peoples from various disciplines who are excited to contribute.” He also added that ABNMMAA will be sending its athletes to compete in numerous events starting this November “We will be sending fighters in Upcoming BOOM – IPFL Fitexpo which will be taking place in Science city on 25 and 26 of November in Kolkata, India”

The formation of ABNMMAA is great news for the combat sports community in South East Asia as MMA continues to grow in the region.