UFC Glasgow: Nelson vs. Ponzinibbio Fox Sports 1 Prelim Results and Recap

Neil Seery fights on the UFC Glasgow prelims
Credit: Dave Mandel/Sherdog.com

UFC Fight Night 113 took place in Glasgow, Scotland on Sunday. The main event featured Iceland’s Gunnar Nelson, training partner of Conor McGregor, taking on Santiago Ponzinibbio. After the early preliminary fights on UFC Fight Pass, the action switched to Fox Sports 1, where four fights made up the televised prelim portion of UFC Glasgow.

In the featured preliminary fight, Brit Danny Roberts looked to bounce back from a loss to Mike Perry when he clashed with Bobby Nash. Nash was looking to bounce back from the first loss of his career, to “The Leech” Li Jingliang.

Also on the Fox Sports 1 preliminary portion of the UFC Glasgow card was Ireland’s Neil Seery, in his final professional bout.

Check back come fight time for results and a recap of the night’s action!

Danny Henry vs. Daniel Teymur

Teymur was the aggressor early, pushing forward and attacking the legs. His strikes were looking crisp, and he added a spinning backfist that nearly hit home. Subsequent to that, he landed a number of shots on Henry clean, as the lankier Henry could not seem to utilize his five inch reach advantage. Teymur dominated on the feet, and refused to engage on the ground when the opportunity arose, instead chopping away at Henry’s legs while Henry tried to lure him into his guard. Back on the feet, another spinning attack — which may have been a fist but wound up being more like an elbow — landed on Henry’s back. Henry managed to get off a bit of offense towards the end of the round, but the action was mostly from Teymur.

Teymur looked perhaps a step slower in the second, but he was still pressing the action, looking for a home for a nasty uppercut. Henry changed levels to look for a takedown, but Teymur was able to defend it. He reversed, throwing a knee as he pressed Henry against the cage. A spinning elbow, then a knee followed, and Henry was under siege. He answered back, however, landing a couple of solid shots that backed Teymur up. Henry then went to the ground and soon had the back of a dazed Teymur.  Teymur still looked wobbly on his feet and was being backed up for the first time in the bout. Henry took advantage, swaming! What a firefight. Both men were swinging hard, putting everything into their shots. Henry managed to knock Teymur down after a knee and some hard shots and take the back along the fence with seconds left in the round. Teymur would be saved by the bell, but what a change of fortunes.

In the third they picked up where they left off. Teymur was hanging on. Henry was using his reach much more effectively at that point. Henry began to swarm, looking for the finish, landing another combo with Teymur’s back to the fence. Somehow, he managed to survive, but Henry scored the takedown. Teymur tried to muscle up, but Henry stayed on him. Henry soon had the back, one hook in, but couldn’t find a submission. In mount moments later, Henry appeared to be looking for a head and arm choke. Teymur would survive the round, and a final rear-naked choke attempt, but with the final two rounds on his side, it looked like Henry had secured the win.

Danny Henry def. Daniel Teymur by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-26)

Charlie Ward vs. Galore Bofando

Welterweights Ward and Bofando were up next. Bofando started with some flashy kicks, and frequently switched stances. He was out of range, however. Moments later, a spinning back fist was somewhat more effective. Ward was looking unimpressed. After that, however, he was looking out. In the clinch, Bonfando threw Ward to the ground. Ward’s head hit the canvas hard, and Bofando followed up with a couple of hammer fists until the ref waived it off! Ward looked out from the throw, however, and it was ruled a knockout.

Galore Bofando def. Charlie Ward by KO, Round 1, 2:10

Alexandre Pantoja vs. Neil Seery

Seery ate a short almost immediately and landed one of his own, and they were off. Pantoja then landed a solid shot that knocked Seery down, but he was right back to his feet. Pantoja was landing leg kicks, and again knocked a backpedaling Seery down, though it may have been more of a fall then a knockdown. Seery continually found an opening for his right hand. Lots of knees to the body were landed by Pantoja in a tight Thai clinch. They would keep it standing for the entire round, though Seery threatened a level change once or twice. For the most part, Pantoja appeared to get the better of the striking exchanges.

Round two started with another quick flurry of punches, then Pantoja pushed Seery up against the fence in a clinch and landed numerous knees to the body. Seery ate knee after knee and was forced to lower his hands to block them, opening his head up for punches. Eventually Seery got control of the wrists, and broke free of the clinch. Yet a minute later he was right back in it. After breaking Seery bit down and landed a good short left, then motioned for Pantoja to come at him. That wasn’t happening as Pantoja wanted to stick to his game plan of fighting from the clinch. Seery was, however, landing more this round, or at least more significant strikes.

For the third straight round, the flyweights came out and started swinging. However, in a new wrinkle, Pantoja changed levels and took Seery down. The Brazilian soon worked his way to mount, while Seery clung on to him. He then transitioned to the back, looking for the rear-naked choke. It took a bit, but soon it had his arm tight under the chin of Seery, and the Irish fighter was forced to tap in his retirement fight.

Alexandre Pantoja def. Neil Seery by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 3, 2:31

Danny Roberts vs. Bobby Nash

Roberts landed a thunderous kick to the body early. The action stayed standing for the first half of the round, despite Nash’s wrestling background. Nash did manage to land some solid strikes, while Roberts seemed to have the speed advantage. With two minutes to go, Nash finally opted to shoot for a takedown, landing it and planting Roberts on his back. Nash would control until the end of the round when Roberts would scramble to his feet.

Both men came out with kicks in the second round. Roberts no doubt wanted to avoid the takedown, but Nash was happy to mix it up on the feet a little. He would try to shoot a minute in but wound up clinching as the two men collided. Roberts stayed up along the fence and broke free. A low blow landed on Roberts, however, and he was stunned. After some recovery time, Nash came storming out with more kicks, which Roberts answered, looking to go high. Roberts tried for a takedown of his own, but was stuffed, and then gave up his back while trying to avoid some Nash knees. Nash would drag him down, but couldn’t keep him there. Back on the feet a heavy left to the chin by Roberts dropped Nash! The ref immediately waved off the action as Nash fell back.

Danny Roberts def. Bobby Nash by KO, Round 2, 3:59

UFC Glasgow (UFC Fight Night 113) Fox Sports 1 Preliminary Results:

Danny Roberts def. Bobby Nash by KO, Round 2, 3:59
Alexandre Pantoja def. Neil Seery by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 3, 2:31
Galore Bofando def. Charlie Ward by KO, Round 1, 2:10
Danny Henry def. Daniel Teymur by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-26)